Sunday, April 30, 2017

One Pretty Tough Guy

April 15, 2017
by Goldie

Home from Lutheran Hospital where my dad, Jim Myers, age 92, is still enjoying the hospitality of the cardiac ICU. The paramedic’s name was Jimmy and his nurse in the emergency department was Jim. When Jimmy asked Dad what his pain level was, he said (between grimaces) about one half. One half? Did he mean 5? or .5? Either way, his description didn’t match the look on his face. Jimmy said Dad was one tough guy.
While checking out the problem we brought him in for, they discovered he was having a heart attack. Dad was astounded! About every 10 minutes, he would look at one of us and say, “They said I had a heart attack! I didn’t know I had a heart attack!” I told him he must be a pretty tough guy to have a heart attack and keep going. He was doing much better this evening, propped up in bed, drinking Pepsi, and joking with the nurses. He said he felt fine. When he says he’s peachy keen, I’ll know he’s almost ready to come home.
More later. This caregiver is going to bed.

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