Thursday, May 19, 2016

More Caregiving? I must be crazy.

by Goldie

My plate is full. I know that. I take care of my parents and grandkids. I’m on call for both generations because of their needs and medical issues. I have my own health challenges with my Parkinson’s. Sometimes I don’t have the energy to keep up with housework.
So why, oh why did I agree to… no, I take that back, I didn’t just agree to, I volunteered to foster four newborn abandoned chihuahua puppies. This means bottle feeding every two to three hours round the clock. This means stimulating them to pee and poop. This means watching them closely as they root around and try to find a nipple to suck on and, since there is no mom, the closest thing they emmapuppiesfind is their brother’s penis. They are all boys.
As usual, I jumped in feet first with both eyes closed. Of course, if one stopped to think about the consequences of taking on any caregiving job, would we do it or think we’d be crazy to agree to it.
I dozed off for a few minutes last night with a puppy curled up under my chin. Not for long. As soon as the last puppy is fed and washed, it’s almost time to start over again. As I got up to make some formula and detach a puppy from his brother’s private parts before permanent damage is done, I reminded myself this is just a two week commitment. Others will take their turns, too.
Still… I must be crazy.
Looking down at this little 5.3 ounce fistful of puppy guzzling his midnight snack with a milk mustache, I knew why I did it. I was charmed, completely and totally under their spell. Sometimes giving up a little time and sleep is worth it.
And my lovely daughter is helping, too.... as is our granddaughter!

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